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The Bunny Performer - Chapter 1
There is a place where dreams are made, a place where we all go too when fast asleep in our bed. This place is called The Night Dimension.
And here is where our story will take place.
Now if you don’t already know about this lovable jester, what are you doing reading this story? But we will not be focusing on him; this story is about a little rabbit like nightmaren.
Called Nyx~
Nyx was currently in Nightmare, standing nearby Master Wiseman. Watching him work, he looked over his plans, and looked over the Night Dimension every now and then.
He usually kept Nyx by his side, she is his Performer. A nightmaren made to entertain him. This can be a daunting task for a nightmaren.
Always trying to come up with something new, making sure he never gets bored of you. Otherwise he’ll probably destroy you and then just simply replace you with a new one.
Now Nyx was a little short and very fair skinned, with a small hint of pink on her cheeks, adding that soft detail. On her head is a b
:iconotakutheunicorn:OtakuTheUnicorn 0 5
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Minty the Gardevoir. I am an Otaku Pokemon that identifies or wishes to be a Unicorn.

I'm an artist i guess... I mean i love to draw and i do draw and uploaded most here on DeviantArt. I am also a writer! My stories are on wattpad wanna know my username? Guess~ Can't? heres a hint: Its my Deviant ID.

I Upload art here so if you wanna read my Stories and trust me... I'm not a shit writer and if i make mistakes i'm happy to listen and fix them.
SO!!!! Wanna read things i write? go here -…

Don't have a wattpad? Make one... It find it easier to write stories on there. But if enough people ask I'll maybe upload them here too.

That should be all you need to know. I think?


Doll and Angel Dust - Little Trouble Makers~
On Hazbin hotel amino a ship had formed between Doll and Angel Dust!
Honestly wasn't expecting the ship but it's honestly really cute~ and i love it x3
Especially cause Angel is a Mobster and her name is Doll. So she defalt has a name that a mobster would possibly call their attractive girlfriend.

I used Sketchbook for Galaxy on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet 12.2
There is a place where dreams are made, a place where we all go too when fast asleep in our bed. This place is called The Night Dimension.
And here is where our story will take place.

Now if you don’t already know about this lovable jester, what are you doing reading this story? But we will not be focusing on him; this story is about a little rabbit like nightmaren.
Called Nyx~

Nyx was currently in Nightmare, standing nearby Master Wiseman. Watching him work, he looked over his plans, and looked over the Night Dimension every now and then.
He usually kept Nyx by his side, she is his Performer. A nightmaren made to entertain him. This can be a daunting task for a nightmaren.

Always trying to come up with something new, making sure he never gets bored of you. Otherwise he’ll probably destroy you and then just simply replace you with a new one.

Now Nyx was a little short and very fair skinned, with a small hint of pink on her cheeks, adding that soft detail. On her head is a badge floppy eared rabbit like hat with a darker badge making stripes on the ears and the border around her face. On her face sat a nicely sized pair of round framed glasses.
Behind those lenses were two mint green eyes.

Her body held traits of a womanly figure, adding onto the fact she doesn’t look gender neutral but pushing towards female. Clothing this figure is a turquoise body fit suit that stops at her chest with a diamond shape, and the edge having a golden trim.
Down the side of her legs are diamond shaped cuts that reveal skin underneath, and then upon her feet are golden like shoes.
On or above her stomach are three small jewels: the middle yellow, the left green and the right blue.

Under her suit on her upper body is a badge blouse with a gold band around the cuffs on each sleeve. The middle of her blouse has an open patch on her chest, showing skin. Around her neck is a necklace that holds the white jewel in place over that opening of the blouse, this necklace is hidden under her royal blue cloak which sits over her shoulders.
This cloak drapes over her back and shoulders, the edge of the material having a gold trim. On the collar of the cloak you can see two badge triangles peak out, this is her blouses collar peeking out from underneath.

Wiseman spoke up with his strong and intimidating voice.
“Nyx, I require entertainment now” he demanded one if his large hands going down to look at her.
Pipping up from a day dream Nyx raised a white gloved hand to her face and adjusts her frames.

“Yes Master Wiseman, do you have any requests today? Or would you like a surprise?” She asked with her soft small British accent. She moved to a spot in front of Wiseman and waited for his reply before acting on her own.

“I would like to see you juggle, but spice it up a bit today.”

Nodding she started her act, making an OK simple with one hand she blew into the circle. Bubbles started to form and fly a bit into the air, when there was quite a few they became solid and Nyx started to catch them. One bonking her on the head, and she over acted her feeling dizzy from the hit.
Shaking her head she went to pick up the one that fell.

It wasn’t audible but Wiseman enjoyed the touch of comedy.

Nyx started to juggle the balls in her hands as she walked around an invisible platform which sat in front of Wiseman. While walking around she told a few jokes and purposely messed up on tongue twisters, or resisting humorous poems.

After a bit the General for the Nightmarens flew in, landing on the platform they bowed to Wiseman.

“Master Wiseman I have come for my daily report.” Reala bowed his head.

They then started to tell Wiseman their report, not skipping a beat. Nyx stopped telling jokes and just listened as she juggled.

After a while Wiseman told Reala what he wanted him to do.

“Go to the Nightopia… And bring Nyx with you”

Shocked from the order, Reala tried to hide his annoyance. While Nyx dropped all the bubble balls from the sudden order, when the balls hit the ground they burst into glitter covering her in the silver sparkles.

“Use Nyx as a way to lure the Visitor into a trap and take their ideya. Hopefully NiGHTS will be with them, if that happens you know what to do Reala.”

“Yes Master Wiseman” Bowing Reala began to leave, Nyx shaking off some glitter went to follow Reala quickly, not wanting to be left behind.

Finally away from Wiseman Nyx started to loosen up quite a bit, letting out a sigh as she flew next to Reala she gave a big smile.

“Feels so good to get some fresh air finally~”

Reala didn’t bother to reply to her.

“So do I have to put on a show?”


“But Master Wiseman said-“

“I know what Master Wiseman said! But I feel like you’ll mess up the mission somehow.”

Nyx frowned a bit being told this. “So… What’s the plan then?”

“We cause a distress with the Nightopians to lure the Visitor to us. They will most likely try and stop us and that’s when we’ll ambush them and take their Ideya.”

“Oh! Oh!” Nyx flew backwards in front of Reala, holding up her hand as if she was in a classroom.

He let out a deep sigh “Yes?”

“I can use my magic box to trap them! I’ll have to figure out how to get them inside without asking them, but it be easier than getting the lower level Nightmarens to it for you!”


“Why not!”

“Because you will mess it up.”

Folding her arms and puffing out her cheeks, Nyx stared at Reala in annoyance. But stopped when her back hit a tree, snapping her out of her attitude as a big smile replaced it when Reala said that they have arrived.

The plan now started as Nightmarens Reala brought places some cages and started to throw Nightopians inside of them. Nyx felt a bit bad about the idea of throwing them in cages so she started to think of another way to help out.
Flying up to a few terrified Nightopians Nyx bent down to give them a kind smile she started to speak with a softer tone.

“Hey~ don’t be afraid nothing bad will happen to you. But can I please ask you to go inside the cage for me? You’ll be let out soon when the visitors Ideya is taken! I promise!”

The Nightopians eased up a bit, Nyx even picking one up gently to carry to the cage as the other two followed behind her. Nyx kept softly speaking to them to insure their safety until Reala noticed.

Reala flew over to her and scolded her on what she was doing, saying how she shouldn’t be treating them so nicely and should just force them inside.
Nyx recoiled with a reason that was basically saying “I don’t feel right harming them Reala! They’ve done nothing wrong!”

Getting annoyed at her, knowing from experience on what she’s like Reala didn’t argue. Just grabbed the Nightopian that was in her arms and threw it into a cage nearby; this caused the other Nightopians behind Nyx to become frightened and hide behind Nyx’s legs.

“Reala there was no need for that!”

“No need? We are meant to be causing a panic!”

“I’m trying my best!”

“Well your best isn’t enough performer!”

Nyx puffed out her cheeks again at him “That’s not a very nice thing to say to your friend Reala.”

“Stop calling us that!”

“I’m only speaking the truth Reala…” Nyx stared straight back at Reala, not avoiding his angry gaze.

Grumbling he told Nyx to just go back to work and flew off to check how the other Nightmarens were doing.

Sighing softly Nyx turned to the two Nightopians and smiled “Don’t worry about Mr Grumpy No Pants. But do you mind getting in the cage for me?” She led them to the cage the thrown Nightopian was tossed into.
Looking around for a second to see if no one was watching before she started to check over the Nightopian, Reala threw to make sure it was okay.

When satisfied she moved away from the cage and jumped in shock when hearing the angry shouts of a quite rambunctious Visitor.

Turning to look at them she saw a young boy with a serious attitude, they started to shout about letting the Nightopians go to Reala and the other Nightmarens. But Reala just laughed finding the threats pathetic.

Calling his ‘Minions’ of low level Nightmarens they went to attack the visitor, ready to grab the their ideya and run.

Then suddenly a flash of purple, drill dashed its way in front of the visitor and into the Nightmarens, it then made a turn to go back to the visitor and stopped in front of them. Reala narrowing his eyes at the new Nightmaren on the scene, he turned to Nyx and ordered her to leave.
Quickly obeying she flew off but she didn’t fully listen… she dived into a bush and watched from afar to see what will happen.

“Of course you would be here NiGHTS…” Reala said with such distaste as he looked at the purple nightmaren, NiGHTS had his fists sitting on his hips as he spoke back.

“What are you doing Reala? Causing more trouble?”

“I’m just following orders… Now step aside so I can take the visitors Ideya!” Flinging one of his arms to the side Reala started to move closer, trying to intimidate him.

NiGHTS put a hand in front of the visitor “You know I won’t let you do that Reala.”

Telling the visitor to leave NiGHTS was confident in his ability to take on Reala on his own, and with that a fight broke out between the two Nightmarens.

Watching a far Nyx was awestruck; she’s never really seen a proper fight before in her life. She watched the sky from her hiding spot, seeing paraloops and everything.
The sight of two First Level Nightmarens and supposedly the strongest Nightmarens Wiseman has ever made fight was exciting. She knew about NiGHTS from Reala, but all she knows is that Reala and him were made at the same time and that they are the strongest out of all the Nightmarens.

Thinking this over she started to sigh deeply, she is also First Level Nightmaren but only cause she can use Ideya as a weapon. But she’s a rubbish fighter.

Hearing a thud she saw Reala on the ground and NiGHTS floating above and nearby, clearly it was obvious that Reala lost. Shocked by the sight of this she instinctively flew to Reala to make sure he was okay.

With a groan Reala looked up and groaned again for different reason this time “I thought I told you too leave.”

“Well I obviously didn’t do that now did I?” Sighing she went down to him to try and help him up but was met with a cold shoulder as he pushed her away from him as he got up, holding onto himself when he did.

NiGHTS tilted his head watching quite curiously, floating a little closer “Hey is everything alrigh-“

Before he could finish Reala mustered a little more strength and got NiGHTS into a cage.

Confused from what was happening Nyx had to ask what was going on, Reala turned to her quickly “Isn’t it obvious? Catching the traitor.”

She still looked confused up to Reala; making him groan again and go up to her “I’ll explain later” He then roughly grabbed her arm and pulled her up to the cage. A small pained whine leaving Nyx’s closed lips from the rough pull on her arm.

Placing her next to the elevated cage he told Nyx to stay here and watch over the prisoner, she wasn’t allowed to speak to him and just make sure the visitor doesn’t let them out of the cage.

“Do you understand? So just watch him until I return.”

Nyx gave a nodded with a big smile but as Reala started to fly away, Nyx stopped him as she spoke up one more time.



“Isn’t it weird to stand and stare at people?”

Reala groaned and left, yet a chuckle could be heard behind Nyx. She turned to see NiGHTS having a small chuckle over what she had said.

Clearing her throat she turned away from NiGHTS and tried to ignore him.

After done laughing NiGHTS looked Nyx over, moving closer to the side of the cage he tried to make eye contact with her.

“Hey? I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before… You look really familiar.”

Nyx jumped a bit, her shoulders making a quick jolt with the feeling of her heart stopping for a beat. Turning to him with a small panicked expression then turned away quickly when her mint eyes met his bluish purple.

She started to try and ignore him as best as she could while she heard NiGHTS’ voice chippering behind her, saying things like: Hello? Are you even listening to me; you know it’s kinda rude to ignore someone trying to talk to you…

After a while she turned her head a bit to him to speak only one thing to him “Reala said that I was not allowed to speak to you”

Turning her head away from him she adjusted her glasses feeling a little nervous after speaking, but she soon calmed when she once again got confused from the purple Nightmaren. He was laughing a bit as he looked at her.

“But, didn’t you just speak to me?”

Her eyes widened a bit after thinking over what he said to her, and she couldn’t help but giggle. So she turned to face him.

“I suppose I did now didn’t I?”

Sighing to the fact she already broke one rule she cheered herself up when she remembered that she still had one more order she can still follow! Do not let the visitor let NiGHTS out!

“I honestly feel bad that I disobeyed an order…” She rubbed her arm but NiGHTS ignored what she said, not hugely caring. He was just happy she would speak to him now.

“So! Do you mind answering my question now?” NiGHTS gave a big smile.

“Hm?” Nyx looked up to NiGHTS again.

“My question… Haven’t I seen you somewhere before.”

“Oh yes~” She giggled but she didn’t know how to answer him, she’s never met him before in her life till now. “Well? Maybe you saw me in a dream?” with her jokey answer she held up a finger and while leaning forward slightly she gave a cute little wink and smile. And using her magic she made some sparkles appear near her eye when she winked.

NiGHTS laughed a bit at the joke “Maybe I did~” but then that’s when he realised that yes in fact he did meet her in a dream once. More accurately he met her in a Nightopia once. “Wait? Don’t you put on little shows in Nightopia sometimes?”

When Nyx’s eyes widened in shock he got his answer.
“I knew it! I saw one of them once. They’re really good! I kept my distance as I watched but I still enjoyed the show”

Nyx started to shush NiGHTS trying to get him to stop talking as quickly as possible, when he did stop talking she whispered to him “Don’t say that out loud! What if someone heard you…”

“But” She shushed him again and got close to the cage to explain, NiGHTS moving closer to hear.

“I’m actually not allowed to put on shows… I’m only allowed to do it when im entertaining Wiseman or ordered to steal Ideya. I’m not allowed to put them on for just entertainment for anyone who comes by.”

“Then why do it? Aren’t you loyal?”

“Yes! Maybe… I just like putting on shows that don’t give me anxiety.”

NiGHTS stopped smiling for a bit hearing about the anxiety part.

“Look don’t tell anyone about my shows… the only other Nightmaren that knows about this is my best friend back in Nightmare.”


She let out a small giggle “No~ He’s my friend! My best friend is another Nightmaren, she doesn’t show much emotion but she’s fun to be around when I can’t leave Nightmare! She has this big library with sooo many books!”

NiGHTS listened “Well that sounds exciting! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a library before.”

“Will you keep my little secret?” She asked with wide eyes.

Giving a smile, NiGHTS nodded, he would always go along with/respect anything that went against Wiseman’s rules “Of course” Nyx smiled hearing this, loosening up slightly.

“Thank you~”

They spoke for a bit longer talking about random things, sometimes one asking something about the other. For Nyx it was nice to speak to another Nightmaren that wasn’t grumpy all the time or very sneaky or stuck up with themselves. Other Nightmarens can’t even speak they are more like animals.
And NiGHTS was happy talking to another Nightmaren that doesn’t seem to want to catch him at all and seems to be quite fun.
But the calming atmosphere broke when a rock flew past Nyx’s face; she squeaked in shock and moved away from the cage. Both NiGHTS and Nyx turned their head to see who threw the rock and when they saw the Visitor NiGHTS smiled while Nyx got worried.

“Okay Nightmaren! Let NiGHTS go! Or else because I’m not afraid to fight!”

Nyx blinked a bit in confusion and turned to NiGHTS “You found yourself a very feisty visitor” NiGHTS smiled and held up his hands to the side of him in a ‘I don’t know’ way.

The visitor then started to slowly inch themselves towards that cage, before trying to run for the chain. Nyx noticing and sighed, and pulled a gold wand out from her sleeve, the curved tip removed itself and turned around letting the pointed side that was in the wand stick up.
And from inside the wand a blue ideya game out with three other colours orbiting around it.

Waving the wand a bit before putting her wand away, the sudden noise of a grunt could be heard under the cage and then the visitor’s voice as they complained about a sudden glowing blue wall around the chain. NiGHTS looked at Nyx a little confused to why she wouldn’t let the visitor let them out.

Flying down Nyx smiled “I’m sorry but I was given orders to make sure NiGHTS doesn’t escape”

The visitor picked up a stick and swung at them, Nyx quickly moving out of the way and backing up. Shocked by their violent behaviour.

Trying to think of a way to calm then down they eventually thought of a deal.

“Hey! Stop that visitor!” She said

“Why? You are keeping my friend trapped and I don’t take lightly to that”

“U-Uh? How about a deal?”

“A deal?”

“Yes! We’ll play a card game!” she smiled seeing the visitor lower their stick as they listened.

“Okay so. We’ll play four rounds! And all you have to do is get a perfect 21 once.”

“And when I win you’ll let NiGHTS go?”

Nyx nodded and gave a big smile “That’s right!”

“And what if I lose?”

“Well? I suppose you stay here and let Reala take your Ideya!” she gave a bright smile again and made a table appear with a stool for the visitor to sit in as Nyx sat in the air on the other side. Putting her hands together a deck of cards appeared while the visitor took a seat.

They were nervous a bit, Nyx wasn’t gonna negotiate a different deal, she just shuffled the deck.

Nyx was very confident, she could manipulate the deck so they will always loose.

NiGHTS watched from his cage as they played, on round 3 Nyx was winning, every time the visitor asked for another card they always got just over 21 or just under. And in the final round Nyx quickly took off her glasses to wipe them but noticed the blurred purple of NiGHTS in the reflection of her lenses.

She started to think things over and started to think about the conversation they were having. If she won NiGHTS will be trapped in that cage forever or Wiseman will probably do something terrible to him.
Feeling bad she put her glasses back on and on the fourth round she gave the visitor a perfect 21.

The visitor cheered for their victory and NiGHTS was cheering in their cage, then keeping to her deal she flew up to the cage and started to unlock it. While unlocking the cage she quietly spoke to NiGHTS.

“You know if I was any other Nightmaren I wouldn’t have gave them the cards they needed”

Looking at them with a smile they quietly spoke back “Well I’m glad you did, I was worried for a minute there.”

When the cage broke open NiGHTS gave Nyx a smile before flying up to the Visitor and Dualized with them, and before they flew off NiGHTS stopped for a second “Wait? What about the Nightopians?”

Waving her hand a bit she smile “I’ll make sure they get let free, now go before Reala comes back”

Nodding NiGHTS gave a quick thank you before flying away while giving a wave goodbye, Nyx waved back with a bright smile.

But when they were out far enough away, she stopped waving and let out a big sigh.
Looking up to the sky in the direction NiGHTS flew off in she softly spoke to herself with small disappointment in herself.

“I couldn’t even follow that order.”

The Bunny Performer - Chapter 1
This is a NiGHT's Fanfic i've been planning and only have Chapter 1 done so far. Hope you like it~ 

This story is also being uploaded on my Wattpad:…
Nyx doodles plus Designing Persona.
I never drew her persona. so I'm trying to figure it out. Plus, i wanna draw more of Nyx.

I used sketchbook for galaxy on my Samsung galaxy tablet 12.2
Dude's! This is so bloody frustrating!

I ask people to help me and they oh my shitting god! I get ignored!

And when i asked here I get a stupid comment (no offence dude but it was really frustrating when you commented something that didn't help me at all)

I'll say this again. I have an artist block! I want to design a new character for RP on twitter. A pony character to replace an old pony character I love but have no inspiration to rp as her. (Character still belongs to me though)

Heres a list to fill out with suggestions to help me.

Gender: Female
Species: Earth/Pegasus/Unicorn [no alicorns]
Coat Colour:
Mane and Tail Colour:
Eye Colour:
Job [optinal but please can you try?]:
Cutie Mark Idea:

I can figure out the rest from there like place where she lives.

[This Journal was made on Sat 13 May 2017. I will indicated the suggestions are closed when I pass my art block]


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